…is what drives and motivates. It is the underlying philosophy of why we do what we do.

Many great organisations seek to live and work in a way that brings justice and hope…

Freeset Business Incubator training programmes provide a unique opportunity to challenge our motivation. The process allows participants to capture and evaluate the essence, culture and foundational work of Freeset.

We believe business was created for good. History, however, suggests business sometimes loses its way with the lure of profit resulting in oppression, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Although business has the potential to oppress, it equally has the potential to bring about liberation with multiple bottom lines.

A Freedom Business is about optimising returns as opposed to maximising profits. Optimising returns means all stakeholders associated with the business share in the investment outcomes – outcomes that go far beyond financial return. This is the upside down nature of redemption – business turning the tables on what has gone before giving voice and freedom for those considered by society as expendable.

We are overwhelmed by the importance God places on justice for the poor and oppressed. We believe this to be central to the very heart, nature and character of God. The Freeset Business Incubator is committed to living out God’s mandate to bring justice for the poor and oppressed in and through business.


What motivates us to do what we do and distinguishes us
from others also doing good things?

Goodbye to the slave owner, business has the opportunity to redeem the past and be what God intended it to be.