Bring value to your company or organisation with a Freedom Business

Beyond simply providing funds and the occasional helping hand, partnering with a Freedom Business can be a whole new way of thinking.

With a Freeset Business Incubator partnership you can bring value to your company or organisation’s brand and marketing message. Partnering will enhance relationships with co-workers, employees and customers.
If you are supported by an organisation or community and can consider coming, or are able to support others to be part of the Freeset Business Incubator, please fill out the enquiry form on theConnect page…

Freeset Business Incubator partnerships

  • Help establish a freedom business with your company’s or organisations funds, skills, technology.
  • Provide marketing opportunities, research and development and / or product sales.
  • Co-develop an outsourced solution with Freeset Business Incubator in West Bengal to alleviate production capacity limits in your own business.
  • Develop a connected or joint [affiliate and reciprocal] commercial arrangement with Freeset Business Incubator.