…starting a Freedom Business in either a red light area or village is not for the faint hearted

The WHO are courageous men and women who believe the deliverables of business should focus on “people first” without minimising the importance of profit for sustainability.

This means, through business, freedom is on offer to girls trapped in prostitution or those at risk of being trafficked.Ultimately it means freedom for families, villages and neighbourhoods through economic alternatives.The WHO are people from all walks of life, from all over the world; places like Canada, the United States of America, England, Australia, New Zealand, Wales, the Ukraine, South Africa, Brazil and Guatemala.

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The WHO are Indians and Bengalis, who, in partnership with others are called to live lives of simplicity in the cities and villages of West Bengal and Bangladesh. A question: is this current generation courageous enough to live out life with those most vulnerable to slavery, trafficking and prostitution?

The WHO are international and local companies making a choice to locate new factories in villages and neighbourhoods at risk. These companies, while expecting a return on investment, will understand strategic business decisions have the potential to transform communities. Large corporations making bold business decisions have the power to lead the way against trafficking, prostitution and slavery by concentrating part of their portfolios in optimised investment opportunities.

Whether business is approached at individual or corporation level, the Freeset business model requires any Freedom Business to commit to a relationship approach from the outset. This is underpinned by our understanding of WHY we do what we do.


Take a business risk on behalf of girls who are at risk.